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05. května 2012

9.8.2010 - there was a terrible mischance in our family. Late in the evening, without any previous problems, we have lost our beloved Electra. She was our sunshine, cat which was admired by everyone, which was helping us all the time. She was also the biggest friend to our daughter Victoria.
We are missing her very much every day...

9.3.2010 - Electra is watching over the kittens:

6.3.2010 - after the short delay we are here with new batch of photos. Kittens have already after their first vaccination and have a also drawn pedigree. They are big friends with our poodle Angel, which really love them and they play together regularly. They are familiar to use the cat toilet yet, which is unfortunately sometimes their playground. :-)

14.2.2010 - we have some "fun" story with our kittens - before we send the breeding list to the breeders association we have checked the colours of the kitten - we were not sure about Bungee, if she is smoke or not. Now it's for sure, that she is not, so she is black solid. But the big surprise was with Bender - we have checked again the gender of each kitten and ... Bender is not a boy, but she is a girl. :-) We have made this mistake during the birth and later non of us has checked it... So they are all girls.
We have made also some new photos, you can find them in the gallery of each kitten.

4.2.2010 - kittens are growing very well, they are running everywhere. They are trying to fight with mother Electra, but she can still win. *1*
We have also updated the photo gallery of all kittens, we hope you will like it.

24.1.2010 - here are the new photos of our little kittens. We were really surprised how difficult is to make a pictures of the black cats... But we hope that we have succeed! *1*

16.1.2010 - we have with our two remaining boys applied for the exhibition in Ústí nad Labem. Mr. Lee Selassa from Holland like them very much and both of them received V1. They were also very popular among the visitors of the exhibition and have all day long lot of fans. Both of them left the exhibition with their new owners. We hope they will integrate to their new families fast and easy and all the best to the new owners with our "lions".

We have also take a pictures of the new Electra's kitten - you can find them under the link Kitten or you can click on the following photo. Our little "blackies" are growing very fast and are starting to walk.

8.1.2010 - unfortunately we have lost one of our boys from the second litter. Fourth day after his birth he started to be very week and despite of fast visit of the veterinary doctor we were not able to save him. Probably he has some internal injury from the birth. We were very sad, but now we are focused to the rest of them and we hope they all will be all right.

29.12.2009 - WE HAVE KITTENS!!! - we have new babies in our cat family - today Electra has become proud mother of 4 beautiful black kittens.  All of them are solid colour, one girl is completely black, rest of them are with white. And all of them are really beautiful. *17* We will make first pictures of them in 2 weeks.

19.12.2009 - here we have the new package of pictures of our two silver guys. They are both really beautiful, especially Apollo seems to be very promising and we expect he will be really big and mighty boy. On the other hand Axxis really enjoy to cuddle and every evening he make his choice and spend whole evening on the lap of that person.

21.11.2009 - Aaron a Athos are already in their new homes - we wish them all best and to the new owners a lot of happiness with them.
We have also updated the photos of the "silver" guys - they are growing really fast and are more and more happy to cuddle. :-) Unfortunately we were not able to take more pictures - they are on the move all the time and take one good picture is almost impossible. :-)

Last photo of the whole "crew":


1.11.2009 - We have updated the gallery of every kitten - we tried to show the drawing of the fur. You can see some small parts from the pictures, but of coures in real it is much more better. They look really wonderful!

20.10.2009 - The kittens were vaccinated last week - everything was fine so they were admired by a doctor and get an international vaccination passport. *1*
We have also take few more pictures, you can check them in kittens area.

7.10.2009 - we have taken few more pictures of the kitten (but it was a really hard task this time! :-)) - you can check if we were successful in the Kitten section. We have also add one video of the kittens playing with the new toy - play circuit. Quite funny. :-)

21.9.2009 - boys are already running all around the flat and are really funny! They even started to use the cat-toilet - they are really amazing. New pictures added in the Kitten part, let's have a look.

2.9.2009 - updated the page with Kittens - new photos and gallery added.

24.8.2009 - WE HAVE KITTENS!!!
Little miracle come to real and 17th of August 4 lovely boys was born. The proud mother Lily is taking big care of them and they grow really fast. Today they are 1 week old, they already can see and we are preparing to have 4 little tom-cats all aroudn the flat. For more information please look at the section  Kitten.


8.7.2009 - Dear international guests, today we have launched the English version of our web pages - please find the link in the left side under the navigation bar. Hope you will enjoy it!

7.6.2009 - we have been with Electra on 2 days trip to the exhibition in Příbram - both days she get the CAC and finish the collecting of three needed judgement to be the Champion. Furthermore the first day  she was award as a Best in Variety by
Mrs. Říhová. She makes us really happy!

17.4.2009 - Electra was on her first exhibition as an adult lady. Mr. Šanda likes her very much and she get her first CAC and V1 in adult class.


There is a new member of our familly - and this time it is not a animal! She has a lot of hairs, she smileat us and we give her 100% of our time. Her name is Victoria and it is our cute little princes.


18.4.2009 - we have added a few new photos to our gallery and hope you will like it


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