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21. 01. 2014


Welcome to the Lions of Neria the Maine Coon cattery web site.

We are a small cattery located in the Czech Republic, Prague. Our cats are living together with us and our dog in our flat. Our cattery is registered by FIFe.

Please have a look at our cats, check our gallery and we hope you will enjoy the time spent on our site. In case of any points or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on our email or via the guestbook.


19.1.2014 - we have a KITTENS!!!
After some longer period of time, we have decided to have again the kittens. Mainly our daughter persuaded us and we couldn't resist too long! *1* We have agreed with Ms. Křížková from fantastic cattery Maine Treasures (thank you very much!) and it was great decision. Yoko Ono was also not against and the first try was successful. January 10th, 5 beautiful kittens was born - one girl and four boys.


5.5.2012 - WE START AGAIN!!! *1*
Since the last summer, we have a new can - her name is Yoko Ono, but we call her "Jokyna". She is our little sweetheart - we have never seen more caress cat ever! Any time she can she is lying on somebody, and if she can't she is at least following somebody trying to attract the attnetion.Without any "human" targets she is annoying Lily trying to play together. She is very nice to our daughter Viktorka, that likes to play with her and Yoky likes is as well and together they are doing funny stuff all the time. And when our dog Angel joins the party, it's really funny household.*1*
During the summer we have a plan to visit few exhibitions, so you may see us there. If you are interested on which exhibition we will be, do not hesitate to send us an email.



















































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